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why Choose us?

Michael Insurance Planning, Inc. is committed to building a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients in order to meet their needs and manage their benefits by the most effective and competitive means possible. Our allegiance to our customers shall always be evident by our commitment to local service and quality products.

Independent, Ohio Agency

Michael Insurance Planning maintains relationships with over 25 insurance carriers, third party administrators and other managed care companies. We currently provide service to more than 5000 customers and manage more than 25 million dollars in annual premiums. We offer coverage for every line of insurance and often have numerous discounts for placing all of your insurance needs with one carrier suited to your needs.


Whatever your insurance needs, we will customize a plan to suit your needs. 

Go With A Broker Who Knows

As a broker, we have the advantage of tailoring your coverage as opposed to only having one company option. Are the services of a broker beneficial for your personal and business insurance?

Q: What is the difference between and agent and a broker?

A: Although you have the advantage of being able to communicate with a local representative, an agent is captive, meaning, he or she represents only one company. A broker on the other hand, provides you local service and the added strength representing several insurance carriers.

Q: What is a direct writer?

A: These insurance outlets typically provide no local service and conduct their business over the internet or telephone.

Q: Do brokers cost more to the consumer?

A: Direct writers sometimes tout that they have done away with the middleman. One popular direct writer has an annual advertising budget of more than $800,000,000.00 plus the added expense of labor to replace the service normally handled by the local broker's office.

Q: Who handles my day-to-day service and claims assistance?

A: Your local community broker would be your initial and ongoing contact for claims and service assistance. Direct writers service your needs over the phone or internet.

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